Crowdfunding Sites provides consumers information about crowdfunding. The general crowdfunding model has been around for centuries, but recently gained traction. At the core, crowdfunding is simply pooling money from a group of people dedicated to a specific project or cause. Traditionally, crowdfunding has been successful fundraising tactic for artists. To fund new projects, artists would rely on their patrons, or fans, for money to live while they worked to produce some legendary books and art pieces still around today.

Over the last few years, then general crowdfunding has exploded. From stories like the Coolest Cooler to the Veronica Mars movie, the media promotes some successful projects powered by the crowd. Now several platforms cater to specific niches like charitable fundraising to real estate financing.

Crowdfunding Sites aims to provide details on the leading crowdfunding sites in each little corner of the industry. For people looking to understand how crowdfunding works to people interested in learning about how to start a campaign, then Crowdfunding Sites wants to supply the information to answer those questions. For people looking to support projects and causes, then Crowdfunding Sites aims to outline the pros and cons of the leading platforms to help find the best projects that align with your goals and values. Not every site is the right fit for every project and supporter, but with some help, then we aim to guide people in the right direction.

We also provide updates on the state of the crowdfunding industry. As the rules and regulations, continue to unfold, then interested people can find out about these updates through Crowdfunding Sites. As new platforms launch, then readers can determine how the new entrants will impact the larger crowdfunding sector or the specific niches that meet their interests.

Thanks for joining us and watching crowdfunding evolve and make its mark on the creative community. If there are any questions or comments, then Contact Us and let us know.